Ohio ACOFP Supports Statewide Mask Order

(July 22, 2020) Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine issued a statewide order this week requiring all individuals in Ohio (10 years and older) to wear facial coverings in public at all times.

Ohio ACOFP President Lili A. Lustig, DO, said the organization fully supports the mandate, noting that family physicians are being called on, literally and figuratively, by their communities to defeat the coronavirus. "It is alarming to see the daily increase in cases." she said. "That’s why we fully endorse Gov. DeWine’s statewide mask mandate. Please stay vigilant, Ohio! Wear your mask, wash your hands, limit gatherings, and let’s prevent the further spread of COVID-19."

The Ohio ACOFP issued the following statement in conjunction with the Ohio Osteopathic Association, Ohio Academy of Family Physicians, Ohio Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians, Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Association, and Ohio Association of Community Health Centers in support of the measure.

Statement on Behalf of Ohio Physicians regarding Gov. Mike DeWine’s Statewide Mask Order

Masks save lives.

We support Gov. Mike DeWine’s decision to mandate facial coverings. This measure will save thousands of lives by dramatically slowing the spread of COVID-19. Our support is based on science and evidence. Wearing a mask protects the people around you, and newer studies show it also protects the wearer.

We also remind Ohioans to practice physical distancing and good hand hygiene. When we take these precautions along with facial coverings we can reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Because there is no doubt that COVID-19 spreads readily from people without symptoms, it is important that all Ohioans take these simple steps. It is incumbent on all of us to defeat this deadly virus.

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